Cor Litjens makes images. Large monumental sculptures and small detailed sculptures, mostly cast in bronze, sometimes in combination with stone. The work is characterized by the use of elements and shapes from the scenic nature and monumental architecture. The objects represent mountains, houses, gates, trees, bridges and squares. But also cliffs, coasts, rivers, courtyards, islands and entire cities. Sometimes these elements and forms are only abstractly recognizable, detached from their original environment. Sometimes they are also very concretely worked out into figurative images.

Cor Litjens’ sculptures resemble buildings and parts thereof. He makes floors, walls, rooms and corridors from bronze or steel, in which window and door openings give access to surprising other spaces.

It is not about usage functions, the scale or the character of those structures, but about spaces that merge into each other, that suddenly break down, that develop from 2 to 3 dimensions in order to form a spatial story together.

Sometimes composed in such a way that your eyes have the feeling of walking through a city; a city of spatial sensations.

As complex as some table-mounted works are, so simple and dramatic are some others. A section of wall rising from the floor containing only a single door or window. The ultimate moment of transition from the space you are in to the world beyond.